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Five important horse arena development mistakes

Development of the horse arenas is considered an easy job. In most of the situations the horse keepers prefer to hire the experts for this job. Remember, it is possible to have a straight methodology for the development of arenas for the horses. It is believed that majority of the horse arenas are developed with some great mistakes. There is a need to focus on the important mistakes made by most of the developers. Check the top five mistakes people make when they develop horse arenas.

  1. Wrong location:

Selection of the location is very important. Most of the people make a simple mistake by selecting a wrong location. It is necessary to focus on the considerable factors related to the location for a perfect arena. Never choose a place where sunlight comes directly. The horses don’t like to stay in direct sunlight. This will create problem for them. Under stress development of horses will not allow them to grow in an ideal way. This is recommended to focus on the location and its direction whenever making decisions about the development of horse arenas.

  1. No drainage:

As a matter of fact, it is hard to imagine a horse arena where no drainage is present. Proper drainage keeps the arena neat and clean. It is required to wash the horse arena regularly in order to keep it clean from the germs and infections. Making an imperfect drainage will not fulfill the expected requirements. It is necessary to focus on the importance of a proper drainage system in the horse arenas.

  1. Poor quality materials:

Remember the importance of good quality materials for a permanent structure. Horse arenas are permanent structures where horses are kept for long time. It is essential to provide them a regular place for the growth. Changing the place of horses adversely affect the growth rate. Selection of the construction materials must be made according to the suggestions given by experts. It will be better to consult with the experts who know how to develop a strong and durable horse arena.

  1. Wrong storage arrangements:

Storage is necessary for the Horse arenas. It has been observed that people construct the storage far from the arenas. This increases the costs of production, transportation and horse keeping. Always check the suitable position for the storage of horse feeds close to the horse arena. On the other hand, the storage must be solid and durable. Constructing a simple wooden storage will create troubles in case of heavy rains.

  1. Top layer of the horse arena:

In all the horse arenas, a top layer is spread for the easy sitting of horses. Selection of the top layer is very important. Choosing a simple type of sand will not fulfill the requirements. It is necessary to consider the best sand type in order to offer a comfortable environment to the horses. The top layer must be easy to handle. Using a top layer having no water holding capacity will definitely create mess inside the horse arenas.